Compact HDTV video camera
AAT announcing on new HDTV very compact camera, size 27x27mm Includes : video output , AGC , Image Processing, several communications port, sensor NIR with lighting of Led's handle photographing in absolute dark environment. for more information contact us

New motors & positioning systems
Avmat Advanced Technologies Ltd announcing on new products. 1000NM & 800NM positioning system include slipring and absolute encoder DDR based motors. New Gear motor handling peak of 400NM stand in harsh enviroment condition. more details click for the link.

   Wellcome to  Avmat Advanced Technologies Ltd


 AAT is specialized in designing and manufacture security systems that combine Electro-Mechanical, live tracking and image processing algorithms that brings to the operators the surrounding world in one glance.

Advances in computing and software algorithms technology enable AAT to deliver large scale
of security systems in live video stream.

The products includes very accurate positioning systems that combine automated detection of events and  tracking objects in capture and live video stream.

Positioning systems are unique in their fast, dynamic response, smooth motion, computer control, and reliable operation.

AAT represents selected number of prestigious manufactures in Israel and abroad. These products are being handled by our technical team that supports customers to implement their applications.